The History of Kopernik Foundation

An Original Vision
In the late sixties / early seventies a group of dedicated Polish volunteers with a vision gave unstintingly and generously of their time, talents, wisdom and financial resources to realize a home for their elderly. The Kopernik Foundation was established and given a specific mandate to build and operate a facility where the Polish language, spiritual and cultural heritage would be perpetuated.


Growing To Serve
Although Kopernik Lodge was built by and serves the Polish Community, it is also the facility of choice for persons of Middle European and Slavic extraction and of Catholic faith. However, it is open to, and welcomes all, British Columbians who meet the criteria set out by Continuing Care. The Kopernik Lodge/Foundation believe in equal rights of all individuals, regardless of their origin and is, therefore, committed to provide care to all Canadians, by Canadians of all ethnic background.

A unique and dedicated vision for all | Kopernik FoundationIn 1972 the Kopernik Lodge welcomed its first residents. Kopernik originally operated as a private room and board facility, providing shelter to over 100 residents. In 1978, Kopernik Lodge opted into British Columbia’s Ministry of Health Continuing Care Program and registered under the Societies Act of British Columbia so that its residents could benefit from the services available to all British Columbians.

In addition to the contributing care facility, the Foundation also operates the Kopernik Apartments. This Seniors Low Rental Housing consisting of 33-unit independent living offers eligible tenants rent subsidies through British Columbia Housing Management Commission and Canada Mortgage and Housing Commission.


Reflecting Change
Over the years, with funding from the Ministry of Health as well as the generosity of the Polish Community, the facility underwent many changes through physical renovations and staff training to meet the changing needs of its population. Most recently, an 18-bed Special Care Unit was incorporated into the facility and as of 2004 we offer two private pay beds.

Some time ago, a survey was conducted to determine staff language skills with a result of 23 different languages, in addition to English, being spoken by the staff. As our total staff has increased since that survey, we also fell that our Canadian Multi-Cultural Mosaic has grown with additional languages being spoken.


A Proud Mandate
Since the first days of 1972, Kopernik has welcomed over 900 residents from all corners of the world, of all races and faiths, and remains committed to treat each one with the utmost respect and dignity.

We strive to provide a “home-like” atmosphere for our residents and invite you to come and visit us and see for yourself the beauty of our Lodge.

For more information on our Foundation,
or to arrange a tour of Kopernik Lodge please call 604-438-2474.